Read this Q&A with Kate Lillie Author from Minieco Blog

This time, you must believe the hype. If you live in a semi-blog world like a few of us Mama’s then you will already know about the excitement about the world of Mini Eco. Everyday feels like Christmas Day when you read her posts, and what’s more she has written this fab book, which is a sure hit gift for any craft lovers. We were lucky to grab a marbled window in her diary for a quick Q+A, and have Kate share some her secrets. As she is a West Country girl, we are loving the teleportation to the rolling hills of Avon, and can’t wait to have our next play date.
Kate is an x-web designer and mum to 2 dinosaur loving boys. She designs and writes about projects that are from the world of paper crafting, science, and nature. She has a love of all things sparkly, vibrant colour, geometry, the outdoors, and started her blog when she had her kids as a way to keep her creative talents alive, and as a resource for play-time with her boys.
The book features 35 bold and colourful projects, split into sections; Music, Nature, Sewing, Science and Recycling Bin, paper and card, sewing and threading, science and boredom busters. The projects are for pre-school kids (and many are suitable for up to 6/7 Years) and parents to make together. The final section contains a list of 50 quick boredom busters that harassed parents can pull out of the bag in an emergency!
Eco-friendly crafting with kids
1. What is your favourite place for a weekend lunch with the family ?
At my mum’s or Dads house!
2. What are the 3 most important kiddy items in your handbag that you cant leave home without.
Plasters, nurofen sachets and wipes! (I have two boys after all).
3. Where would you love to spend an afternoon with the girls, and why ?
At the cinema (because I never get to go and I love popcorn and it would be nice to have a rest!!!).
4. Which are your 3 favourite kids designers/ shops ?
I am very boring and tend not to venture to the shops too often.
I really like ANORAK and OKIDO magazine (i know it’s not a shop but it’s a product so to speak).
I love the finelittleday shop. There are lots of goodies for grown-ups and kids:
Any books by Marc Boutavant…he’s a wonderful illustrator.
5. What products have made the top of your Christmas list this year, for you and the kids?
For me: Books & pajamas (very practical)
For the kids: Magic set, dragons, pirate treasure, rocks, fossils
6. Which is your favourite place (museum, park or venue) to spend a creative afternoon with the kid(s)?
Even though I am a creative type my kids aren’t really! They are little scientists and adore museums (me too for that matter). We love the ‘Bristol Museum and Art Gallery’ and ‘@Bristol’ (science museum). We also venture over to the National museum in Cardiff whenever possible.
7. What craft tools, can you not live without, and can you leave us one uber-craft secret/tip to share pleeeease?
My swann-morton knife and fiskars embroidery scissors. I get very upset if I can’t find them! (I’m always losing things).
Craft tip: If you are into paper-craft make sure you use a good pair of scissors and a good craft knife…haha!!
Kate ^_^