Make these 3 simple crafts with Krokotak

I recently found this fun Autumnal paper craft from a cool site called krokotak via The Crafty Crow.

I had to get my head around the whole Krokotak world, and couldn’t quite make out it’s nationality (maybe Bulgarian?), but it has my kind of crafts. They look really cute, simple and are a little bit whacky. Check out this ‘Sheep, cauliflower and carrots’ one, isn’t it amazing! I’m sure the kids will try cauliflower after seeing it in this glory… won’t they??!

I also like the idea of this book cover made out of someones jeans. Old jeans are hard to thrown away aren’t they ? If you’re like me, you kind of get attached to them, in a weird sentimental, ‘I went through that phase??!” kind of way. So at least here the kids, or you when you need a cover for your reading on the commute (50 shades of Grey maybe), can recycle the jeans, and still be attached to them.

and lastly, but not least, as I am sure to be back in the Krokotak world soon, are some ideas for the play doh/ Fimo or plasticine fans in your house.

Let me know if you get inspired, I can actually see a whole family of farm animals taking shape from a simple bag of ‘soup veg’ now! xo