Mistletoe Kisses & Magic mushrooms : A present from Fairyfolk

magic mushrooms

Yesterday here at the Creative Terminal Lost Property office (It’s Christmas so it’s very busy here as you can imagine), we heard a little fluttering noise around our heads, and then felt a little dizzy, and realised that a spell had been cast upon us by the magic felt loving fairy folk over at The Magic Onions website.

Have a look at these enchanting photos, and you might feel a little warm around the top of your ears, and a little sleepy too… it’s not a bad way to spend the next 5 minutes. xoneedle felted owl

needle felted owl ornament


felt mistletoe for christmas kisses


Needle Felted Cardinal perched on a branch

Read here to find out a little bit about the magic behind the world of The Magic Onions

A note from Donni the creator and Mama.

I am in love with the craft of Needle Felting… it is pure bliss for me. I have at last found my creative medium and my soul quivers with the possibilities of what I can make. I love the sound of the needle as it goes into the fiber, the smell of the wool, the feeling of my creation in my hands. I am so grateful to have found this fabulous craft. There is an endless range of textures and colors, making anything possible. It is pure magic to watch the wool take on a life of it’s own.

I am the proud owner of three Etsy shops;
Fairyfolk – where I share my needle felted creations with those of you who want to bring a little bit of my magic into your homes. My needle felting work is often inspired by moss, toadstools and other magical woodland treasures. I am the original home of felted acorns, enchanting colorful wool acorns to add a burst of color and magic to your home decorating. I’m sure you will fall in love with my craspedia inspired felt flowers and colorful felted beach pebbles. I also make educational toys for natural kids, inspired by Waldorf and Montessori Education. I also have a line of handmade felted jewelry, necklaces, pendants and rings.
Fairyfolk Weddings – where I create woodland, country and rustic inspired wedding decorations.
Dovie Moon – where I share my nature inspired photography. I am particularly excited to share my Flower Fairy Photograph Series with you… It’s no secret that my children and I look for fairies everywhere. Their imaginations have inspired this Waldorf inspired series of Fairy Photographs. The three of us set out into the wild places to search for fairies… we often find them and some have let us photograph them.