Loglike : Handmade craft kits & things of beauty

We had a belated birthday treat skating at Somerset house this week, and though we were tight on time, we sneaked into the Christmas Arcade, and for us, there were exciting moments fluttering by all the very beautiful and unique goods on offer there… firstly, but not finally, we wanted to share the sewing craft kits, and a few other very lovely things we found from LOGLIKE. We have a warm feeling looking at their work, and will keep them close to our hearts as time goes by. xo

alligator sewing kit

Animal Kit – Stitch your own – Alligator, elephant, giraffe £9.95

handmade bird

Handmade bird, duck egg blue £28

pen tidy

Pencil tidy fruit bowl – new tangerine edition – £45

place markers

Holly place markers £24

And for further reading, and those that like to swat up on clever people…


Loglike is a creative partnership, run from rural North Wales by Stephen Bretland and Jen Sandiford, who design, produce, and screenprint gifts, homeware and T-shirts on a cottage industry scale.

Started in London in 2005, Loglike now operates from a small studio, in rural North Wales. Many Loglike products are designed & handmade on site. Human-scale production of contemporary green design.

Loglike products are made using sustainably sourced materials such as wood and solvent-free paint. We also reclaim carefully selected vintage materials and upcycle them into something new. Our Tshirts are always 100% organic cotton and often come with handmade badges that add to the design.

Loglike is part of the Craft Central Association, Clerkenwell Green