Make These Gorgeous Bunting cards


Look at these super sweet cards, which are hand made by Kerry and her little angel Josh … and feature hereon her charming blog Ventura Upon Thames. I fell upon the blog in my usual post-bedtime, ritual of ipad surfing, and thought they looked so cute and effective, and would be fun to make with the kids. I am hoping that my girls (3 and 5) can cut out the flags, and sort out the stamps, and then I can deliver them pronto on the machine?! Fingers crossed, and I will update you soon with our progress.

I am sure there is also a way to easily turn them into Christmas-y versions – any one got any bright ideas?

Here are a couple more photos of her work in progress… thanks so much for sharing Kerry, keep them coming… and keep getting your inspiration from Etsy, soon you will have your own shop.  xo