The Young Artists Courses at The Prince’s Drawing School (Ages 10-18)


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The Young Artists Programme empower children, by opening the door to careers in art, design, science, and engineering.  Serious, sustained drawing tuition for children is rarely available, so when it is, it often requires financial or other commitments beyond the means of less well-off families.

The Programme has two tiers:

1.) After-School Drawing Clubs: 10-14 year olds are recruited through local state schools. They attend weekly,

After-school Drawing Clubs held in community or art centres where they draw from life: objects, people, landscapes and everything in-between, using a wide range of media from pencil to mixed-media, led by Prince’s Drawing School Postgraduates.

2.) Core Group: The most committed students are invited to attend Holiday Drawing Courses which have a career development focus. They are invited for extra tuition on Saturdays at The Prince’s Drawing School. Older students join the 15+ Drawing Club, tackling more complex approaches to drawing, including working from nude models and print-making. On the Mentoring Scheme for 16-18 year olds, students work one-to-one with a tutor to pursue further education or apprenticeships, leading to careers using their high-level drawing skills.

There are many excellent programmes which expose children to the arts. However, they are targeting children with aptitude and investing in building their skills over the long-term. We are matching them with our postgraduates (all of whom are practicing artists or designers) building the teaching and mentoring skills of a new generation of drawing tutors.

They recruit the majority of our students through state schools. Places are limited. However, they do have a portfolio submission based scheme for selecting committed young people (age 10-18).


(above) A student at a holiday course led by Kew garden botanical illustrators

If you are a teacher, a Gifted and Talented co-ordinator, or the parent of a student who you think would benefit from participating in the Programme, please contact Rebecca Blake, The Prince’s Drawing Clubs Programme Coordinator by email:(

They will try to accommodate committed children in existing Drawing Clubs held after-school in 10 locations or our Saturday School at The Prince’s Drawing School in Shoreditch. Please note there is currently a waiting list for our Saturday School.

They also run Saturday Drawing Workshops at Whitechapel and Saatchi Galleries open to all students aged 10-16. Please go to the Whitechapel and Saatchi Workshop pages for more information.