Stop The Bus : Weekend Workshop Fun : 5/6.Jan.13


Here at the bus depot, we realised that you might be a little distracted by the amount of paperwork looming … accounts, insurance renewals, and the big decision of wether to throw or freeze the turkey casserole, so we have put a quick fire list of the creative action in town together for you to keep you going this weekend. How kind we are… remember, if you believe and click your heels, then we will too, so stay with us, and there will be plenty more treats in store over the next months. xo


Here’s your list, Ready, Steady Go.

(1) Tate Modern : U5’s Cubist play & Open Studio : Families & All ages : 

Find the post here

(2) Saatchi Gallery : Drop in family workshops : weekends : Ages 3+ and 7+

Find the post here

(3) Farewell to Christmas : Geffrye Museum : Event : 6.1.13 : All ages :

Find the post here

(4) Cartier-Bresson inspired Family Workshop : Somerset House : 5.1.13 : All ages

Find the post here

(5) Pop Up Performance : Nutcracker : V&A : Family Event : starts 29.12.12

Find the post here

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