Hairy Rain & Shobotting : Imagine Festival : Jon Burgerman & His Team


IMAGINE : the festival

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This year’s Imagine Children’s Festival is all about the kids taking over! Southbank Centre will be transformed BY children FOR children, as well as hosting the top names in children’s literature, dance, theatre and art. Enjoy free activities throughout the festival or just take in the atmosphere as children run the show!

You are probably all aware of the Imagine festival that is going to take place at the Southbank over 1/2 term. Click on the website here for the programme, information and bookings. Our advice is don’t delay to book your workshops — it’s very popular, and a destination for many, so we don’t want you to be disappointed.

IMAGINE : the blog

Whilst you get ready to surf, have a read here on their blog, about the story behind the organisers working with local kids, choosing an illustrator for the ‘look’ and developing the monster idea.

Imagine Children’s Festival is for children by children. For 2013 Imagine is back with an amazing line-up of authors, performances, workshops and free events, as chosen by a panel of children for children. This year, all the illustrations for Imagine Children’s Festival have been created by illustrator Jon Burgerman with the help of the Festival Ideas Cloud.


IMAGINE : the children’s committee

The Festival Ideas Cloud is made up of 32 children from eight local schools and this year this group have helped to plan our 2013 Imagine children’s festival.

First of all the group helped us to choose an illustrator. The children reviewed previous marketing campaigns for the festival and commented on the different types and styles of illustration that they liked…and most importantly that they wanted to see used this year! It was their advice that led us to select Jon Burgerman to work with.

Here are a couple of the characters devised by the team, to see the family of characters, the kids at work, and more, read the full article on the blog.


Imagine : Hairy Rain & Shobotting

hairy rain

Hairy Rain loves to play football with his friends; it’s his favourite thing in the world. He drinks rain and his favourite food is chicken nuggets. He comes from a rain cloud but now you can find him in a fridge, as that’s where he grew big!


Shobotting comes from a lightning storm. Her favourite hobby is collecting lightning and shooting it at people. She eats anything electric and on the weekends she likes to chill and make electric smoothies.