DIY Craft : Love Hearts : Paper Straws

We all love a straw don’t we? And how about a quick-simple rainy day craft with the kids during this cold and cuddly weather, that involves a *straws*ribbon or stickers*heart template*cup cake cases or doilies*images from magazines* — or,  a few stickers, some old pages from books, newspaper, and a little love?


I found a template here from the best ever online shop Pipii, so get cutting, and sticking, and let’s see how beautiful your lovingly made straws turn out. Don’t forget to use non-toxic PVA glue, and to cut a 1-2cm straight line along the top and bottom of the decoration for your straw to fit through.



For those of you that aren’t practised in the art of buying doilies, have a look here, there is quite a selection!