Greenwich & National Maritime Museum

royal museum greenwich

We have an idea for those of you that fancy a trip down the river to visit the National Maritime Museum and the delights of Greenwich on any Saturday in March.
Firstly there is loads to do go in Greenwich, choose from visiting the stunning newly built Cutty Sark (above) which has brilliant family activities, and monthly events, the famous craft and handmade Greenwich Market,
heaps of restaurants, The Royal Parks very own Greenwich Park with A-mazing views across the city of London, the Royal Observatory (below)
royal observatory
old royal naval college
which is a stunning set of buildings and grounds and often used as locations for film sets, and hosts some fantastic events, and talks. There is lots more going on, but we want to leave some of the other finds a surprise for you to discover on your adventure …
If you’re ready to play, get yourself ready for some (Free) performance and storytelling at the National Maritime Museum; (Sammy Ofer Wing) and meet a character from the past and take part in an exciting performance that will bring maritime history to life.
Sessions start at 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00 and are suitable for ages 6+.
And for those of you that like a good printable, to make your own at home, take a look at the National Maritimes museum’s website here …. there are brilliant ideas and instructions for activities, from making a sundial, Victory Model, Rocket, Sea-Monster Mask, Globe and Quadrant.
Remember your Creative Bus Stop mantra : Make it, Making it, Made. Enjoy! xo