Children’s Online Games & Expert Advice from the World Book Day site

We’re a bit late to the party here on our World Book Day celebrations, as having just put the kids to bed, and now waiting for our boy ‘Martini’ to deliver us a cold glass of white before the ‘Mayday’ finale starts, we thought we would see what we were missing on the World Book Day site. We like it, we like a lot. It’s a bumper issue of a website, bright, busy and sweet as candy, with something for everyone. We especially like the Rainbow Magic online game for our girls (makes a change to phonics and cupcake decorating), and the Gruffalo Chorus game for the little ones, but to be honest who doesnt love a bit of Gruffalo action?


There is a fantastic Community Parents ‘Ask The Expert’ page that helps you discover book recommendations by age and category, which is especially handy for the smaller kids who are moving on from touchy feely books to picture books,

with short and sweet exciting stories. Let’s not forget the Design A Bookmark Competition which allows the winning design to be distributed to 1000’s of bookshops across the UK, that’s got to be worth adding to your Children’s Linked In page surely?


We hope you have had a blast of a World Book Day, and keep up the good work with your little book worms. We’re off to find Mr Martini-Man. xo