Horniman Museum


All the kids that are in the ‘know’ are dragging their parents on a trip down the Amazon as soon as they can, via the latest exhibition at The Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. You get to see, learn and really feel a true to life Amazonian adventure, with a riverboat trip that takes you to meet some hungry piranhas, giant anacondas and a few pink dolphins. Everyone can learn about the many dangers facing the river and it’s habitat, and also learn about the people that live around it’s banks. If you are planning as far ahead as Easter, then have a look at their website for the events, as there are heaps of things to choose from. We have listed a few of the weekend events coming up before then. xo


STORYTELLING at the Museum

Everyone loves a good story, and we have got some of the best storytellers in London to whisk you to faraway places and different times with fun and interactive sessions.Their stories, inspired by our exhibitions, festivals and nature bring the museum’s varied collections to life. So, join us on a rug in our Hands On Base for these enjoyable oral storytelling sessions to see why so many people across the world love listening to stories.Sunday 10th March – A World of Stories with Olivia Armstrong

Sunday 17th March – A World of Stories with Margaret Bateson-Hill
March into Spring with stories bursting with new life. I will be telling stories about blossom, eggs and the coming of Spring.

Sunday 24th March – A World of Stories with Debbie Guneratne

Journey from the river to the sea with storyteller, Debbie Guneratne as you discover anacondas, muck fish and piranhas entwined with stories of the wild and the wonderful. For ages 5+

Discovery for All : 2pm – 3.30pm

How sharp are shark’s teeth? How do you wear a sari? Have you ever played a West African thumb piano, balanced a gourd on your head or stroked a badger?

Drop into explore our Hands On Base and the thousands of real objects from around the world that it holds. Our team of Explainers will help you discover these fascinating objects and make connections between them. This session is for everyone and you don’t need to be a child or visiting with children to enjoy it – come and find out for yourself.


THE CORAL REEF : photographic exhibition

Coral reefs are one of the most biologically diverse habitats on earth, as such they are often referred to as the “Rainforest of the Sea”.

This stunning photographic exhibition by our Aquarium curator Jamie Craggs focuses on two islands off the north east of Borneo.

It highlights the incredible diversity of life within the coral triangle but will also provide some insight to the threats that are facing coral reef habitats worldwide.

Coral reefs take up less than 0.1% of the oceans floor yet 25% of all marine life are found on reefs. The coral triangle is a hot spot area for this diversity and encompasses Borneo, The Philippines and Indonesia. It is estimated that a square metre of coral reef from the coral triangle contains the same number of species as a hectare of Amazonian rainforest.