Kids Easter Workshops : British Museum : March & April : (Free)


Mo & wicker Mo

Get yourself down to London’s most popular museum on Saturday, and learn a little about green screen, and become an ancient Greek Olympian and edit your portrait in Photoshop to print and take home.

Activity takes 30-40 minutes.

11.30–15.30  Samsung Centre  Free, limited places

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Saturday 6 April

Sunday 7 April

  • Bring the Ice Age to life by animating huge horse models, then compete in a team to see whose animated horse can run the fastest.

    Then try your hand at animating reindeer!

    Sessions last 60 minutes.

    Age: 7+

    11.00 Ice Age horse race

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

  • 11.30 Ice Age in motion

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

  • 13.00 Ice Age horse race

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

  • 14.00 Ice Age horse race

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

  • 15.00 Ice Age horse race

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

Monday 8 April

  • Come to the Museum for a week of activities exploring Ice Age art.

    Find out about the techniques used by early artists to create colourful wall images and exquisite hand-held sculptures. You can also watch modern artists at work and have a go at a bit of Ice Age art yourself.

    Suitable for all ages.

    11.00 Mammoths, reindeer and lions: Ice Age animals

    Free / Half-term activity / Great Court

Tuesday 9 April

Wednesday 10 April

Thursday 11 April

Friday 12 April

Saturday 13 April

  • Use smartphones to follow an augmented reality trail around the Egyptian galleries.

    Solve clues about the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    Activity takes about 40 minutes.

    Age: 7+

    11.30 Passport to the afterlife

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

Sunday 14 April

Saturday 20 April

  • Use a green screen and Photoshop to create a picture of yourself interacting with some of the Museum’s most fascinating objects.

    Activity takes 30-40 minutes.

    Age: 7+

    11.30 Green screen time machine

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

Sunday 21 April

  • Use stop-motion software and digital video cameras to create animations based on weird and wonderful mythical medieval creatures.

    Sessions last 120 minutes.

    Age: 7+

    11.00 Medieval animation workshop

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

  • 14.00 Medieval animation workshop

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre

Saturday 27 April

  • Use Photoshop to design your own mosaic masks inspired by the fearsome Aztec gods.

    Print your finished mask to take home and wear.

    Activity takes about 30 minutes.

    Age: 7+

    11.30 Magical mosaic masks

    Free / Digital workshop / Samsung Centre