Bus Stop Weekend Craft : Blown Easter Eggs



We couldn’t resist this traditional craft for those of you that have delicate hands. This is always a crowd pleaser, and they look beautiful attached to small tree branches, in or outside your home. xo



The above eggs are not the ‘blown’ version. As you can see it is the Easter Egg tree from my little pixies’ nursery class. Ahhh. xo


Before you start blowing your egg, it is very important to scold your eggs in boiling water.

Scolding is important because of salmonella bacteria on the outside of the egg. The egg should only just be dipped or boiled water poured over them – if they are left in the hot water for any longer they will start to harden inside and be impossible to blow.

Make a small hole in both end of the egg (a meat pin does a great job).The hole needs to be 2-3 mm. Try to poke the pin into the egg so that you penetrate the membrane and the yolk.

This will make it much easier to blow which is all there is now left to do…easier said than done!

Once empty, give egg a good wash to clean out any egg inside and use a bit of a matchstick or toothpick to secure the string for hanging it up. Alternatively for a natural look, use raffia. Most shop bought eggs use this. You tie the string to the stick, feed the stick through the bigger end of the egg and it will lodge itself sideways inside the egg and the string will be secured.

They can now be decorated with felt tips, glue and sequins, paint, decoupage images, feathers, ribbon, stickers – in fact – almost anything – varnish them when finished and they will look great for years to come.

Some ideas for blown eggs:

Disco egg: Dilute PVA with a little water to make it easier to paint onto egg – then roll egg in glitter!!

Chick egg: If one blown egg breaks (you can just use a big broken shell) and insert one of our fluffy chicks with a blob of glue and hang. Cute!

Jewelled egg: Dye or paint egg in a bright colour. Add sequins and/or beads. Looks lovely…

Polka dot egg: Dye or paint egg and cover evenly in sticky dots mixed or just one colour (any good stationers will have these). Easy!

Thanks for the tutorial Mr & Mrs Pipii