The Bus Stop : Weekend Craft : Super Simple Stamp cards


apple cards

With Spring in the air, apples in the shops, and May Day bank holiday around the corner, here is a super simple craft for your pocket.

It was actually based on cards for the Jewish New Year ‘Rosh HaShana’, as apples are one of the traditional symbols for their New Year. So either, get ahead of the game for next year’s Jewish New Year, or adapt the cork-stamps to your own design, and stamp away. Oh, and when has there ever been a better excuse to drink more wine, and save the corks than now ?? xo


a wine cork

a sharp knife

a stamp pad

a black pen

some card

How To: Using a sharp knife or a craft knife, simply remove from the cork two notches, one for the indentation at the top of the apple and one for the indentation for the bottom of the apple. That’s it! Stamp carefully, with a towel under the cardstock to enable a better print, and set aside to dry before adding details.

With thanks to the Creative Jewish Mom blog…of course you can certainly use your little stamp to make gift tags, napkin rings, treat bags, you name it! And if you’d like to explore some other methods of stamping, you can see previous posts on her blog: potato printing, craft foam stamps, styrofoam tray printing.