Family Workshop : Somerset House : May 5 : Age 6+ : 12pm : (Free)

somerset house playing fields

Free Drop-In Workshop: FREIZE FRAME :  12.00-15.00
Meet at Seamen’s Hall Info Desk at Somerset House
We went along to the last family workshop here, and had a fantastic time, as ever we were the last to leave, and the girls were allowed to take home a ‘doggy bag’ full of mosaic-collage craft bits to continue their work at home. Somerset House is on our ‘Top 5’ list of places to be, and for so many reasons, here are 5 of them.
1) It’s spitting distance from the Thames, with some of the best views across the river, within walking distance of the Southbank and hopping distance to Covent Garden if you need to see a man on a unicycle inside a bubble toasting marsh-mellows.
2) We love to grab a ‘stumpy’ (flat white) coffee from the tapas bar ‘Fernandez and Wells’ inside Somerset House, the food hits the spot too (not £cheap though)
3) The kids can run and play in the fountains, and just love it. Towel & spare undies required.
4) The Landmark photography (FREE) exhibition is impressive, inspiring and just’in’ likes it (geddit?!).
5) The atmosphere is 25% italian piazze, 25% fashionista, 25% family fun, and 25% ;anything goes’.
This weekend join the charming team for a 3-D modelling workshop creating sea creatures inspired by the watery sculptures around Somerset House. For families with accompanied children aged 6-12

The family workshops invite families to be creative and learn together. Explore Somerset House and the wide programme of exhibitions and events through a range of activities from painting and model-making to fashion design and animation. Each workshop is designed to inspire, encourage creative discovery, and spark fresh activities to try at home.

Children and their families are warmly welcomed to tube family workshops; the majority of the workshops are most suitable for children of 6-12 years.