Design : Lady Gaga Children’s Book : Andrew Kolb

Here is a book, for those moments when The Gruffalo needs a rest, and you need entertaining. It is a unique and brilliant book by illustrator Andrew Kolb. As you can imagine, the book and Andrew’s work is a big hit in the hip-blog-graphic design world, which is where I found it on the great site

The Lady Gaga story …

Here Andrew tells us how it came about. He writes “Whilst driving in my car I’ll occasionally give real attention to the lyrics of whatever song is on the radio. One gem that stood out above the rest was the team-up between one Lady Gaga and Beyonce Knowles. So moved, I was, by this tale of pestering that I only saw it fit to create a 50’s style children’s book in honour of it“.


We are fresh faced in the hot land of illustrators & designers, (not quite walking, but trying A* for effort), so we take good advice when we can, and when we also saw Andrew’s work on the PixArtTimes site, we knew we had found another treasure. You can see another example of this work here, when he was asked to pit two classic cars in their appropriately scientific setting for the launch of the movie ‘Cars 2’.

Here are more secrets about AK (written by the man himself)

Firstly, Andrew doesn’t like writing in the third person.

Seriously though, I don’t know if other artists/designers/etc hire a writer or ask family and friends to create their bios, but this one is all me. I hope that’s okay.

The whole “neat” thing comes from two main points. First, I approach my work with the hopes that it’ll garner a response similar to “oh, neat!” Second, I continue a long line of Kolbs who like things well kept and organised. It’s neat to be neat!

As for the nitty-gritty of who I am, I hope my work presents a decent character profile. I’m a “half-full” kinda guy and really enjoy instilling that positivity into what I do. As to what exactly it IS that I do, I would classify it as anything from dimensional to digital image-making. It’s a broad spectrum and it’s just how I like it!

I’m always up for a commission, big or small, and equally enjoy a friendly hello!

Email Andrew : and tell him how your day’s been, or chat to him about his work