Free Family Event : The Highbury Time Tangle and the Door of Dimension : Saturday 25th May : 12-6pm


After extensive analysis of wormholes and weather conditions, a panel of time travel experts has predicted with certainty that a portal will open at The Loxfords at noon on Saturday 25th May 


Budding time travellers are invited by The Master Clockmaker to help untangle time and flow through The Door of Dimensions in the ultimate race against the clock!

Time is a tricky thing, easy to lose and hard to seize…

Be brave, be bold, be silly…

Be at : The Loxfords, 85 Highbury Park, Islington, London N5 1GF. 12 noon – 6 pm


The moment has arrived for that most wondrous of temporal events — The Irregular Convention of Time Travellers. But beware, The Door of Dimensions is closing and time is running out. Conductors of Chaos, The House of Fairy Tales need young adventurers with brave spirits and quick wits to keep the door ajar.

Can you out sooth the soothsayer? Can you tickle the future? Can you solve the mystery of Schrödinger’s kitten? Navigate challenges and oddball characters… and keep the door open forever.

The Highbury Time Tangle + The Door of Dimensions is a free family event created by The House of Fairy Tales, supported by Mount Anvil, in association with Action for Children and Modus Operandi, to celebrate Ajar as a public sculpture, to be owned and loved by the local community.

Mount Anvil, Modus Operandi, Action for Children

Gavin Turk’s sculpture, Ajar, based on the door from Action for Children’s first children’s home, has been commissioned by Mount Anvil, who create outstanding homes in central London, working with art consultants Modus Operandi, for the public gardens atThe Loxfords, Highbury Park, Islington, London N5 1GF.