Family Workshop : Recycled Rhymes : Erwin Blumfeld & Dada : Somerset House ; Sat 1 June, 12-3pm

We are big fans of these family (drop in) free workshops at Somerset House, as you can read here.


Lisa Fonssagrives on the Eiffel Tower, 1939, Paris, by Erwin Blumenfeld. Photo: Blumenfeld Studio

So here’s your chance not to miss tomorrow’s one, where you can embrace the spirit of Dada and combine words and pictures in colourful cut-up collage in this  workshop inspired by Fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld’s Berlin roots.

somerset house

For families with accompanied children aged 6-12. (though we have participated with our 4 year old before and the Somerset House team were more than delightful and helpful, they are in our book, up there with the best learning departments in town).

Free, limited spaces, check details on line here.


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