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We have some penguin fans in our house, which is somewhat surprising when you consider their slimy feathers, inability to fly, and fishy breath, (good PR rates in Antarctica), my pixie girls see them as super-cuddly, well natured and often say “…please, please can I have a pet Penguin/Hamster/Cat/Dog or Horse Mum” animals.


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But, I have to say, I am a secret fan too, partly driven by the brilliant dancing scenes and fantastic soundtrack of Happy Feet the movie, and, because if we did turn our garden into a mini-penguin enclosure, and start ordering kilos of frozen sardines from Tesco online, we might have a better chance of keeping Pippi the Penguin alive, than we have had with the 3 gold-fish that have ALL turned to dust in the last month here at the Bus Depot. We found this chilly, but gorgeous limited edition screen print to share with you found at Finch & Robin.


A three colour limited edition screen print of a Penguin, part of the ‘Sea Friends’ children’s series.

Edition of 20
Signed by Kate McLelland and numbered
Dimensions: 190 x 280 mm
Printed onto Somerset White 150 gsm paper

Buy here from Finch & Robin online for £30 & £3 p+p

There is also the lovely British Garden Birds Print for £12 … which is perfect for teaching the pixies about those little sparrows and their wild friends.