Do you Dodo ? Your Own Private Treehouse : Dodo Magazine Needs You

Well do you ? We do now we know the story about the magazine adventure of science and fantasy and the very clever people behind the wannabe reality magazine that is to be Dodo.


Have a good read below, and you will find out more, but in a few words, it’s a wild and wonderful idea from a team of creatives (illustrators, art directors, writers, web developers), based in Berlin. Dodo is a project with no advertising or budget, and has been conceived by the selfless collaboration of more than 30 creators from all over the world.

They need help (via crowd-funding) to raise 6500 euros (see their spending plan below too) to be able to print a run of 2000 magazines of their FIRST OFFICIAL ISSUE  for publication in September 2013. There are only 23 days left to help them (as of today 18 June) the appeal is over on 10 July 2013.

See what you think, but our drivers are all in agreement that 1) We like Dodo’s 2) and Treehouses 3) and we frankly we’ve had enough of the word ‘extinct’, so reckon we should make a contribution to this project and who knows we might just make a difference.


Welcome to Dodo, your own private treehouse.

Dodo is a time machine, a theme park, a trip to the moon, a horror story, a prehistoric site, an unsolved mystery, even a Zeppelin voyage. It’s a magazine that will make you feel as if you were reading it under your sheets with a flashlight. With every passing page, you’ll leave behind everything around you as you enter your own world, a place where nothing bad can happen, where everything has yet to be discovered; a place where you had already been before but had forgotten.

Dodo is the adventure, science and fantasy magazine you have been waiting for. This magazine is for anyone that has ever wanted a treehouse, filled with exclusive content created by top illustrators, photographers and writers from all over the world, such as Jean Jullien, Bakea, Antoine Corbineau, Jun Oson, Ricardo Cavolo, Cristóbal Fortúnez, etc…

The only printed copy of the zero issue of Dodo was buried in a chest; in order to find it, you had to follow the directions of a map and once you found the exact location, you had to dig. Inside the chest there was a “Sold Out” sign to be placed on the spot to warn the next explorers that they had missed their chance of getting their hands on the treasure, which consisted of a poster, stickers, walking plant seeds, and the magazine of 100 pages. A week later the digital version was posted online for free on our website. The entire project can be seen in:

At the moment, we are working on the first official issue, with more articles, illustrations, photographs, comics, interviews, and a double poster. This next issue will also have an improved design and plenty of exciting surprises. We’re very proud of the result so far. You’re going to love it!

Since we don’t want you to be left without a Dodo of your own, we would like to print a run of 2000 copies. But in order to do that, we need your help. With your contribution, not only are you helping this editorial project take off, but you can also have the first issue of Dodo delivered to your house, as well as an exclusive t-shirt, spitting plant seeds, or one of the 15 unique photo prints developed from the “Trip to 1989’s Florida” series of Dodo Issue Zero. If we reach our goal, the first issue will be available in September 2013.

As you may know, this is all or nothing. If we don’t reach our goal, Dodo will be extinct again. That’s why it is very important that we share this project in social networks so that it reaches the highest number of people possible. Let’s start this new adventure together!


Who makes Dodo?

Dodo was born on a 29th of February, the day I was born. My name is Rubén Martín, and I’m an art director and advertising creative. Eight months ago I decided to start the publication that I had been waiting for my whole life. I started asking for content amongst my creative friends (writers, illustrators, and photographers). The initial idea was to bury a few pages in a chest so that only one person would find it, a real treasure. But there was a snowball effect and I ended up creating a 100 page zine with the help of over 40 collaborators, many of which I didn’t know personally. That was the seed of what was yet to come. The positive feedback it received from all sorts of people and the media was amazing and that’s what encouraged me to continue with the project. Now we are a small team of three. By my side are Miguel Conget, editor, graphic designer, and monster connoisseur, and Nano Suárez, distributor, web developer, and rollercoaster tester. We have also been lucky enough to count on the selfless help of many people that have been involved since the very beginning.

Why crowdfunding?

We would love to become a real publication, but building a magazine from scratch is tremendous work and requires a lot of dedication. It’s a full time job in which we are not making any profit at all (on the contrary, we’ve actually had to invest what little we have to pay some of the people that have helped us). Plus, we don’t have any advertising in the magazine so far, or any other type of financial support. The only way we can make this happen is with your help. The more more subscribers we get for our magazine, the closest we will be to achieving our goal.

How are you going to spend the 6500 €?

Printing and shipping 4800€

T-shirts 500€

Legal expenses 500€

Photo and video production 300€

Taxes 400€

What would happen if you exceed the amount of money you’re asking for?

We would invest that money in the next issue and would be able to pay our collaborators, who have been working for free so far.

What would happen if you don’t reach the goal?

We wouldn’t be able to do anything. All the money would be returned to each of the backers.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, international shipping fees are inclusive in the pledge you make to Dodo Magazine.

Can I collaborate with Dodo?

If you have anything to contribute, we’ll be pleased to hear you out. We’re always on the lookout for new illustrators, photographers and writers, and we’re open to suggestions of any type. Write to us at

How frequently will a new issue come out?

Our idea is to become a quarterly publication, but we depend on a lot of external factors beyond our control in order for that to be possible.

Can I feature your story in my blog or publication or give you an interview?

Of course, we have lots of photos we can send you and we will be very happy to answer your questions. Send us a message, and we’ll respond to you right away

They now have a crowdfounding campaign to be able to print a run of 2000 copies.

Ruben and his team need to spread the word. If they sell magazines in advance they would be able to continue the adventures. You can read more here:


  • 10€ : Our eternal gratitude and a personalized digital postcard.

    2 claimed

  • 20€ : Dodo Issue 1

    A copy of the first issue of Dodo (shipping included).

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    30 claimed

  • 30€ : Your name on the magazine

    A copy of the first issue of Dodo and your name in the magazine acknowledgements.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    5 claimed

  • 50€ : Dodo T-shirt

    A copy of the first issue of Dodo, your name in the magazine acknowledgements, and an exclusive Dodo t-shirt (available in all sizes for men and women). We will contact you by email to ask the size.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    9 out of 50 claimed

  • 75€ : Spitting plant seeds

    A copy of the first issue of Dodo, your name in the magazine acknowledgements, an exclusive Dodo t-shirt, and a bag of Squirting Cucumber seeds, a plant that spits on you if you touch it.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    2 out of 10 claimed

  • 100€ : One original photo print

    A copy of the first issue of Dodo, your name in the magazine acknowledgements, and an exclusive Dodo t-shirt, Spitting Plant seeds, and one of the 15 unique photo prints developed from the “Trip to 1989’s Florida” series.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    4 out of 15 claimed

  • 500€ : Logo

    Everything listed above except for the photo prints, plus your logo included in a special thank you page.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    0 out of 10 claimed