Watch This Ted-Ed Video ‘How did feathers evolve’? by Carl Zimmer

 TED – Ed : How did feathers evolve ?

At the moment on the way home from school on the bus, the pixies chat about how we are all fishes, and that we all live in water (“…because air is water anyway you know”) and that is how ‘we’ became we. So in the same vain as how ‘we’ came about here is a version of the truth from Carl Zimmer (Educator), Armella Leung (Artist) and Olivier Oswald (Sound Designer) from the TED-ed lessons worth sharing website.

For those of you that want a little fun, to think further about the subject, take the quick Q+A test on the THINK icon.


To look at the evolution of modern bird feathers, we must start a long time ago, with the dinosaurs from whence they came. We see early incarnations of feathers on dinosaur fossils, and remnants of dinosaurs in a bird’s wish bone. Carl Zimmer explores the stages of evolution and how even the reasons for feathers have evolved over millions of years.