Nicholas Goodden : Photographer : London

You can’t help but feel ‘something’ from the force of Nico Gooddens photographs, wether you think you like photography as ‘art’ or not. And, what’s more when you know that his work is not his ‘day job’ just means that if he were to go full time the world would be his oyster. Below, he kindly took time out and shared some thoughts with us for our Q&A features.

You can also read a little more about his approach to his work here on his site, and for  those of you that might be wanting to start  photography as a hobby, or want to learn a little more and inspire the young people around you to give it a try Nico gives this advice …

“…you don’t need an expensive camera to enjoy taking photos. Just go out there and shoot what you like. Go back to your photos and be ultra selective. Look at them and think: “What should I improve next time?”. Do it over and over again. Then if you feel limited by your camera…upgrade!”

We just found out that Nico has an exhibition called Moving London over the Summer between 27 June 2013 – 26 July 2013 at The
Happenstance bar and restaurant (Nearest Tube : St. Pauls) More details can be found online here.


Why & how did you choose your career in design, or how did you launch as a business?

Well, I didn’t choose really. And to be honest I don’t make a full living from photography. I have a full time job and photography is my passion asied which is almost like a second job.

Did you enjoy art at school, and who (which adults) and what inspired you to follow your dreams when you were younger?

I didn’t particularly pay attention to art at school, I studied hospitality. My mind “opened” to art when I turned 20.


What were your favourite books as a kid ?

I was raised in France so not sure they would really be relevant. I always liked to read National Geographic, I guess I liked to learn real things about our planet and it was a lot more visual than books.

Who are your top 3 artists/ designers, and why ?

I like Ansel Adams for his stunning black and white photographs of landscapes of wild America.

I love Gauguin, a classic French painter who traveled to Tahiti to paint people and landscapes there.

I have also a passion for street art and although cliché, I love what Banksy does..or to be correct, what he did in the past before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made him a good investment.


What is your favourite place for a weekend day out/ long lunch, or for a treat?

East London. I always find inspiration there, good food to eat and it’s just less pretentious.

Where would you love to spend a free afternoon, and why?

As stated above, Shoreditch or Brick Lane.. Just relaxing, I feel at home there.

Which art books, websites, or magazines to you love, and recommend to our budding creative youngsters ?

The internet is full of clever tips for photo enthusiasts. And it costs nothing. There are so many blogs, online magazines, etc… Flickr is cool as it gives so much inspiration. But now you have many more that are just as good.


What do you use for inspiration with your work ?

My mood. It dictates everything that comes out of my camera.

What creative tools, can you not live without ?

My camera. And a bit of photoshop.


Can you leave us one creative secret to share please ?

Use photoshop if you can. It’s a great tool that 99% of people don’t understand. Everybody will say “oh yeah but you use photoshop”. These people don’t understand that even 100 years ago, people were altering their photographs, increasing the contrast, retouching, changing the brightness, etc… Photoshop is just a modern tool and it can make your photos stand out from the lot. However… use it wisely, without going over the top.

Less is more.

What success, exhibition or just plain fantasy would you like to have achieved in 5 years time ?

I have exhibitions already, and it’s been 5 years since I started photography. In 5 years time I’d like to have my book (already existing) in book shops.


Any secrets and advice to share with our pixie artists, who might just want to be like you when they grow up ?

If you are truly mad about photography, then keep at it, listen to feedback but don’t let it influence you too much. Develop your own style, work hard, be your worst critic, and never give up.

If you believe in yourself, someone else will.

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