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EAT THESE EVERY DAY – 1930’s Framed Print

This informative print comes from the employment project, ‘Works Progress Administration’, set up in the 1935-1943 depression in the United States.

Besides being behind public construction projects that found work for over 8 million people, WPA also created great art and culture.

Cool retro modernity in a frame.

Size – A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)

£19.95 from Hus & Hem

Henrik Dybdahl indulges his passion for old books and pictures in the countryside just outside Copenhagen. He calls himself the delightful title of ‘a heritage adventurer’, always on the hunt for old images to share and pass on.

Henrik specialises in reproductions and mash-ups of old engravings, drawings and pictures. Of course it is legal as the images are so old that copyright does not apply. Henrik digitally improves the images, removing sticky fingerprints, scratches, holes and other debris. The original colours are often faded and he works hard to make the images come to life and shine as much as they did when they were fresh off the press.