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The Amazings is, well, just a great concept, with a great title, doing great things. Just like Lloyd says, you can start by accident and before you know it you can make a career out of it.

As they say themselves, they take craft and wisdom from elders with amazing life experience. It works like this, you join the website for free, then pay-as-you go for a wide range of online tutorials, real life courses, and workshops from wise people, (who are possibly a little older than you, or even younger!), but the point is they have a skill, and are up for sharing it.

The site is very functional, incredibly easy to navigate, and at a cost of £12-£20 per tutorial, the fun bit is you can then keep that lesson …forever.  Much easier than storing patterns, hunting down self-made tutorials from a housewife in Tallahassee, or enrolling at Art College! Just like us, The Amazings is a for-profit, for-good company.  But better than us, they have set up a business where up to 20% of every enrolment goes to our amazing elders. *Loud cheers, and applause please*.



They offer fun, friendly, informal, classes and courses for you to learn everything from feltmaking to joinery to journalism — directly from people with lifetime knowhow. Classes start from as little as £15 and courses from £120, and take place everywhere from coffee shops, to pub backrooms, to workshops, to cosy living rooms, to online hangouts – anywhere that isn’t a traditional classroom.
Anyone over the age of 50 can become an Amazing. You don’t need to have been a teacher, or have letters after your name. The important thing is to be utterly passionate about your interest, and to want to share your wisdom. It’s free to suggest a class. Become an Amazing teacher
482552_452906838130882_1782798539_nWHO THE CLASSES ARE FORAnyone who wants to learn but hates formality. We want to make learning more fun, more friendly, more social, and more personal. If you want certificates or diplomas, keep on walking. If you’re interested in learning for its own sake, we’ve probably got a class for you.422165_448554818566084_1977898041_nTHE MISSION

We see Amazingness everywhere. It’s the retired postman who can play the ukulele. It’s the grandparent who knows morse code. It;s the neighbour who was an opera singer. Maybe society isn’t as good at passing down these skills through generations as we used to be. Our little company started because we wanted to fix this. 
Our vision is a marketplace and platform for wisdom. We see the potential to change learning; the opportunity to re-think retirement; the possibility of bringing together communities; and the chance to bring back the make-do and mend spirit, so we can at the very least, know how to hem a skirt or fix a bike.It’s works doesn’t it! We will soon be trying out their ‘up cycle a shirt’ tutorial, so will report back after, and let you know what magical creations for the ‘Bus Stop Collection A/W 14’ have got through quality control, and we are sure we will be staying in touch with all The Amazings for a very long time. Now back to making that pot of tea, and the good ole days …