What’s On at The London Puppetry Festival 2013

As my 6-year old would say “…seriously, you have to check out the puppetry talent at this years Suspense London Puppetry Festival“. Watch the trailer above, and make up your own mind, but if you have a heart and like clever stuff (for adults mainly on this occasion), I think you will find it hard not to slightly love the humour, talent and story telling from these wonderful companies.

The festival is held between 12 venues with over 25 companies participating. New venues this year include The King’s Head, Battersea Arts Centre, and the Actors Centre & Tristan Bates Theatre . International companies come from the Netherlands, France and Spain, alongside the most innovative UK companies – all for adult audiences.

What’s more, the programme shows you who’s who in the world of performance, and which theatres invest in the future of this brilliant theatre.