5 Best Homemade Festive Biscuits

Some of you might have bake sales to donate your time to, or need ideas for homemade presents, or best of all, just fancy getting flour all over the kitchen to do some baking with some kids you know. I think it’s safe to say, baking at home is one of the ALL time favourite things kids ever do, so if you need to entertain on a grey and windy day. Make the effort, you will all have fun, I promise.

Here are some links to basic recipes that might get you started.

All these and more can be found on the Bus Stop Christmas Food Pinterest Board.

Mama's Secret London

edible xmas trees

A combo of some green icing, sweeties and bootlaces : from babycentre blog

snowflake biscuit

via pinterest

Gingerbread men on a red platter

Ginger girls from www.actuallymummy.co.uk

xmas tree biscuits

via pinterest

cookie reindeer



Mouth wateringly pretty from this lovely blog :  buttercreamchantilly

Cute and delicious, happy decorating xo

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