A Book Club for 2 – 4 Year Olds

Creative Bus Stop

We had a light-bulb moment when we were fixing the front suspension of the bus last weekend. Why not get all the kids in the class to share their favourite books with each other ? It was as simple as that.

We figured that as the kids are such good friends, and share so much or their day together, they might just find it exciting to know what their friends read at home. Also, as we are lucky to share a class with a range of international families, we have included some non-english language books too, which we are secretly quite excited about hunting down.

These are the first steps of us starting our ‘…ever so cute, cuddly, and delightful’ Early-readers : Bus Stop Book Club. Hopefully there might be some new books on the list that you haven’t heard of before, and please let us know your favourites…

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