Dim Sum & Ramen joints & Market Stalls

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I must be 1/2 Asian, because my idea of heaven in a ‘pearly gated home delivery’ type of way, is to eat Asian 6 days out of 7 … of course, it’s just marmite on toast on the 7th day, and that’s the semi-fasting day isn’t it?


Those that get out and about tell me that the latest asian dining fashion is to eat bowls of ramen soup. It is ‘big in Japan’ as Alaphaville sweetly sang (sing-Along here as it’s Friday). In Japan it is normal to have specialist Ramen soup shop on every corner. In the UK we have been a part of the ‘Wagamama’ and ‘Yo Sushi’ crowd for a few years now, but it’s only recently that the UK has embraced the real Ramen dish. This soup is on basic levels a combo of noodles, broth, vegetables (bamboo and bean sprouts a must), meat, and…

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