5 Best Nature Clubs in London

1. London Natural History Society

They have been observing and recording the wildlife and plant life of the London area, within a 20mile radius of St Paul’s Cathedral, since 1858. By becoming a member, you will enjoy field meetings in and around London, illustrated talks by naturalists hearing about their latest discoveries, learn to identify nature in all its glory, monitor bird and butterfly populations, wild flower distributions and other areas, visit the society’s excellent Library at the Natural History Museum, and have access to the Members Forum. Membership is £20.

2. London Wildlife Trust

This is the site you go to if you want to find out more about your local nature reserve. London Wildlife Trust is part of The Wildlife Trusts, the largest UK voluntary organisation dedicated to conserving the full range of the UK’s habitats and species whether they be in the countryside, in cities or at sea. (There are 47 local Wildlife Trusts across the UK, the Isle of Man and Alderney.) They believe that Londoners have a right to access free, quality natural spaces in their local area, and will fight to maintain London as a critical home for wildlife. London’s wild plants and animals, and their habitats, are an essential part of the city and have a right to flourish. They manage over forty nature reserves across the capital, that cover a range of habitat types, including woodland, grassland and wetlands. Contact : London WildlifeTrust @WildLondon
‘Protecting London’s wildlife for the future. Love London, Love Nature’.

.3. Hampstead Heath Life Education & Visitors Centre

The Heath Life Education Centre covers all aspects of wild life, habitats, etc. in line with the National Curriculum. The centre is situated on the side of the Parliament Hill Lido. Open to the public on weekday afternoons. You will find stuffed animals, a life-size woodland jigsaw, and if in season even newts in a tank.

4. Wimbledon Common Nature Club

Discover more about the beauty of nature with Wimbledon Common Nature Club. Find out how to make a campfire and cook toasty things on it, go pond dipping and scavenger hunting, discover the secret life of honey bees and make leafy headdresses. They offer free workshops at the weekends, check the site, or better sign up for their email alerted. Feel free to tell me as well, incase I’ve not had time to catch up with their news.

5. Woodland Trusts : Nature Detectives Club

This is the kids club from the Woodland Trust, which is the UK’s leading charity devoted to (you guessed it) trees and woodland. Keep the website handy if you want to find the nearest woodland to you. The kids club is a truly excellent resource and place to be (online) if you are ever looking for inspiration and ideas. You can choose from spotter sheets, art sheets, puzzles, adventure booklets, leaf quiz, twig and blossom ID sheets, online games, colouring and fab fact sheets, mini beast activity sheets, woodland log books, printables, craft ideas to make at home, colouring sheets and more that we are leaving as a surprise! You can sign up as a family for a year (£48) or per child (£12). We are big fans.

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