5 Best Simple Cards to Make with Kids

Creative Bus Stop

I didn’t want you to feel left out, and not remind you how super-easy it is to make your own cards with the kids. These cards, are also certain to get a super smile from any teacher you give them to, and who knows if you give one to the head-teacher, you might even get an invite to their ‘invite-only’ drinks party this year!

1. Santa hand print card found at Crafty-crafted.com

2. Tree leaf rubbing from True Aim Education

3. Santa quilled card from Quilled Wonderland at Etsy

4. Bunting celebration cards from Saidos da Concha blog

5. Super simple tree cards from http://www.learnwithplayathome.com

Don’t forget on the home page there is the Events Diary which is full of family activities across London for everyone looking for a creative day out, it’s there for you, so keep me in your bookmark, when you have finished making your brandy…

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