Come and See Daisy & Finn’s Workspace

Good morning all, Today I am starting a new feature called ‘My Workspace’, and I’m rather thrilled about it.

It’s simple, sweet and ever so exciting. I have asked some of the very clever and talented people I meet on this bus journey if they would let us have a peek at their work spaces. Usually it’s a desk of some sort, but the beauty of this feature is that each and every photo that arrives on my inbox holds an element of surprise.

It’s the intimacy that people have with their work spaces that I find so interesting, and the fact that these days peoples actual space can be so very different. Some share Wifi from local cafes, or plan their book on a bench at the top of Primrose Hill. Many spend hours in their studios and others create havens in their offices with mementos and post it notes, all things that are completely necessary to the smooth running of their days. I hope you will enjoy sneaking around and meeting a few of these inspiring people who have agreed to share their work-spaces with us. xo


Meet Daisy & Finns Party Ideas…Niamh has spent all her working life within the fashion industry (apart from a brief spell as a chamber maid during one summer holiday at sixth-form.. !) from product managing, merchandising, buying, styling & art directing etc etc. She has experience in womenswear, menswear & textile interiors. During this time she has planned parties for adults and children alike , all planned to the same level of detail & exuberance ! She lives in Hackney, East London with her husband, two children Daisy & Finn and two cats Boo and Scout.








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