Watch and Learn Kid President

If you haven’t been introduced to Kid President, then you have now! Here are some facts to impress you; He has 267,000 twitter followers, and 328,000 facebook ‘likes’. He has a New York Times bestselling book. He loves the word ‘Awesome’. Likes to dance a lot. His tip number 63 for starting a conversation, is to “…put sellotape on your nose”. And, if you hadn’t guessed it, a lot of people want to be friends with him, even those in the Whitehouse.

Take a look at his video open letter just for Mums. As he wisely says, “…I love you Mum, and the next time your kid screams, what they are really saying is I really love you Mum, oh! and number 1, put down your phone, unless your kids name is ‘Phone’!”

Join the gang and watch his YouTube channel, read up on his FB page and Twitter account to see what all the fuss is about, and if it rocks your boat, you might even want to buy the book for someone you think is awesome (available from Amazon in the UK).