Patricia Gill Shares Her Work Space

Patricia is a fast moving, Mama to 3 small people. She is a self confessed  design and interiors blogs junkie, with a background in design, film and entertainment PR. She loves her garden, food, catching movies when she can, and in her real life is a PR Consultant for Falcon Enamel Ware the British kitchen ware company, and  London Tea Club who source premium tea for their members. I’m thrilled she has let us in to her home today, to peek at her workspace.


Hi, I’m Patricia and I’m a Freelance PR. I mainly work from my home in South London but also hot desk sometimes at Soho House or Shoreditch House if I need a change of scenery. It feels like I have been doing PR forever, more than 20 years now. I specialise in lifestyle and interiors but I was also a film publicist for many years and still have a huge passion for cinema.


I juggle my work with wrangling my three small children; Clemmie, Sonny and Mabel to school, swimming, gymnastics and football. They are finally all in school at the same time, and it’s just across the road, so I have more time to myself these days.


I try to squeeze in at least two sessions of Bikram yoga a week, to keep fit and keep me sane. It’s extremely meditative and if you are having a bad day, it instantly cures everything. I’m also a single mum and Australian so I don’t have any family here to help out but my neighbours and friends are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them.


My desk is a vintage Ercol drop leaf dining table. A neighbour was throwing it out, can you believe it? So I had it restored and now it sits in my bedroom, overlooking the front windows.

I’m a bit of a nosey parker and like to keep an eye on everything that’s going on in the street ! The light floods into the room in the morning and I like to sit here with a coffee and my laptop. The chair and cushion is from a past client The Balcony Gardener.


Working from home isn’t ideal as there are a lot of distractions such as ooh I’ll just pop a load of laundry on, or what shall I get ready for supper… but it allows me to spend more time with the children which ultimately is the most important thing to me.


I tried working in the kitchen but just felt surrounded by dirty dishes and food. Then I tried working in a small back bedroom and wondered why I stuck myself in the smallest, coldest, darkest room. Now I’m happiest working in my bedroom, which is a decent size and full of light. I just have to keep it very very tidy !

Thanks for sharing Patricia. xo

You can stay in touch with Patricia on Twitter, Instagram or even use good old fashioned email