5 Best Science Holiday Clubs for London Kids

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1. The Royal Institution (Ages 7 – 18)

RI in Mayfair, is a charity with a clear mission  that is set on ‘encouraging people to think further about the wonders and applications of science’. Home to the famous Christmas Lectures, The Faraday Museum and the L’Oreal Young Scientist Centre, this Summer the RI have an amazing line up of workshops for 3 age groups (see below). I can’t think of a better place for our clever-clog children to be inspired about science and maths, and advise that you get online now, as the places are filling up fast. FYI, for some fun prep over the holidays, take a look at the interactive games online here.

A selection of the courses:

Week Long Summer School for 16-18 yrs.

Week Long Summer school for 13-15 yrs.

Summer school workshop for 7-10 yrs.

2. Mad Science Group (Ages 4-11)


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