A Guide for Keeping Kids Safe Online

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Last week was ‘Safer Internet Day’, and The Guardian published these stats from the UK Safer Internet Centre. “According to the Safe Internet Centre report, 26% of British 11-16 year-olds use six or more social networks and messaging apps every week. The most popular individual services are YouTube and Facebook, used by 78% and 74% of this age group respectively. They’re followed by Snapchat (46%), Instagram (43%), Twitter and WhatsApp (both 37%) and Skype and Minecraft (both 32% – the latter game presumably included because children can play it together online).” 

So on the basis that kids grow (like beautiful, well mannered weeds who eat all their dinner) up very quickly, and ours will all be planning their 13th birthdays at Westfield before we can say “Thanks for doing the washing up again Jemima” I have put together a simplistic list of tips to help us through these exciting times;

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