5 Best Kids Bookplates and Bookmarks

We’ve just started a book swap in my little girls Year 2 class at school. It’s super simple to set up. I grabbed a basket from the hardware store, and made a painted sign (home made is always best right?) for it. Then all that happens is we send home a bookplate with each child, and they bring in a book they don’t mind parting with, write on the bookplate and stick it in.


If you think about how excited kids get about wanting to see and play with each others toys, then sharing a book should generate a similar level of excitement I hope! I’ll let you know how we get on, in the meantime here are some beautiful bookplates for you to set you up to start your own book swap. There are lots more over on my Pinterest here.


If you have time read this earlier post I published which has lots of reading advice from the UK’s top literary organisations, and don’t forget one of the best places to generate a love of reading is just taking a trip to your local library. Giving your little one their own card, allowing them to choose whatever they want, and reading to them, all helps them appreciate the joy of hanging out with words and pictures and you!





Credits (all came via Pinterest, and can be found on my board see link above)


Ex Libris, Mollusks, 1902 : http://vintageephemera.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Natural%20History#uds-search-results

Vintage Clip Art – Children’s Bookplate – Squirrel – Elf

NOTE : These book plates are free to use for non-commercial purposes only.  Copyright for these artworks belongs to the artists.