5 Fun Things Worth Knowing About

  1. How to Explain to a Child That Life Is Difficult

    Overparenting is still in style, despite a lot of evidence against it. While letting children fail is critical to instilling resilience and creativity, it’s often difficult to do. In this episode of If Our Bodies Could Talk, senior editor James Hamblin demonstrates various strategies with writer David Young and his child.

2. Welsh Sheep Farming: A Family’s Tradition ; Video by  Rhys Edwards ; This short documentary by Rhys Edwards about a sheep-farming family in Wales is an uplifting and charming profile—not to mention the lush Welsh countryside is simply beautiful. “The next generation, they’re very keen to follow in our footsteps,” says the red-headed matriarch. For more of Edwards’ work, visit his website. Author: Nadine Ajaka

3. From undead zombies to creepy skeletons: the best new beauty tutorials to transform your look this Halloween (thanks to Stylist over here)

4. Robins Nest incredible Treehouse Hotels in Hesse, Germany feature and photos thanks to the wonderful site Ignant.


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5. The coolest schools in the world (thanks to The Cool Hunter and The Huffington Post here