5 Facts About The Wonderful Gifford’s Circus

Cover photo and images credit : Hywel Jenkins

Are you joining the  ‘My Culture Club‘  group trip on Friday 8th July to see this wonderful troupe of circus entertainers at Chiswick House? Because you are more than welcome to (leave a comment below if you want a ticket).


Now the formal invitation is out the way, I have to say that myself and the #busstopkids are just a little excited about going to see Nell Gifford and her acclaimed show. The company (formed in 2000) has only ever had glowing reviews, and as I found out at the school gates last week, has a solid fan base, of families returning year after year. Sign up to my social media (on the home page) as I will be sure to be sharing photos and fun during our trip in July.

Here are a few facts, so you can impress your friends with general circus chit chat over the weekend. xo


One of their performers Gabor Vosteen who played Mozart on five recorders, three in his mouth, one in each nostril.


Tweedy is the name of the circus clown, he is famous in his own right, has is own website, merchandise and was born in Aberdeen.


Lindsay Pugh, a costume designer for films [including Tim Burton’s Charlie And The Chocolate Factory], has hand made costumes for Giffords in the past.


As the show closes, all the children are encouraged to dance in the ring.


Nell Gifford’s older sister, is Emma Bridgewater, a well-known pottery designer.


And one for luck … It takes four months to train the animals for their parts in the show (and that bear there is not quite as clever as she seems).