5 Reasons to Watch ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ at the Unicorn (6-12yrs)


When the #busstopkids and I were invited to review this show at the Unicorn last weekend, I had to do a some research on what happened to Jason in this particular Greek Myth, incase the kids asked me any questions! (I never reached the classics department at school, too busy in the drama studio!)

Valentina Ceschi, Dylan Townley, Dorian Simpson and Guy Rhys / Photography by Helen Murray

The research didn’t take long, I found a concise article on the BBC history site, that explained the story as …

“The Greek tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece has been told for 3,000 years. It’s a classic hero’s quest tale – a sort of ancient Greek mission impossible”.

Done job. Thanks BBC, again.

Here are 5 reasons you should book your ticket to see the show, which finishes next week on Oct 20th.

  1. The play has been produced with young kids in mind, it’s set within the frame of a video game, with the God Hera, setting Jason and his argonauts his challenges as if he is moving up through a game. Think Donkey Kong meets Fallout.
  2. I loved the set design. It’s simple, inventive and clever.
  3. The actors are able to turn what is a complex story with lots of twists, turns, deaths and tragedy into a fast paced show with live music, a sing-a-long theme tune, and a lightness of touch from the ensemble.
  4. It’s heart warming to watch the actors perform with such warmth and energy, and good therapy to think that the audience are learning about Classics.
  5. If you have a few hours to spare, you could do a lot worse than hang out down by the River Thames, with Borough Market, Tower Bridge and the Southbank all within 5 mins of the theatre. Also the Unicorn team always make your time with them, welcoming, easy and effortless. No problem is ever too small for their staff.
  6. If I had to give constructive feedback, I’d say it was 10 mins too long and at times I lost track of which place they were in … Though, the audience didn’t seem to mind about either of those things, so don’t take my word for it!
Valentina Ceschi as Medea and Dorian Simpson as Jason  Photography by Helen Murray
Valentina Ceschi as Medea and Dorian Simpson as Jason
Photography by Helen Murray

Here’s 4 handy facts about this Greek Myth

  1. Why a fleece? Fleeces are connected with magic in many folk traditions.
  2. The story is a set a generation before the time of the Trojan War, around 1300 BC
  3. The Greek claim that the Argo was the first ship ever built can not be true, but Jason’s journey was seen by the ancient Greeks as the first long-distance voyage ever undertaken.
  4. Lemnos, an island in the north-eastern Aegean was Jason’s first stop. This was a place inhabited by women who had murdered their husbands after being cursed by Aphrodite.
Jason (Dorian Simpson), Atalanta (Valentina Ceschi) and Dylan Townley as musician Photography by Helen Murray


Wednesday 12 October 2016, 10.30 relaxed performance

Join the team for a free post-show insight discussion after these performances: Thu 13 Oct, 1.30pm

SAT 15 OCT: MYTHS AND LEGENDS Take the stage for a truly dramatic workshop focusing on Jason & The Argonauts.

This event is part of Up Club+, tickets are £10 per child which includes a photo of you in action and a signed poster. Places are limited, book now to avoid disappointment.

The show is kindly supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Jason and the Argonauts is playing the Unicorn Theatre until 20 October 2016. For more information and tickets, see Unicorn Theatre website.

(So you know, we paid for 2 tickets and the #busstopkids were given complimentary ones).