Gardening Tips from The Ladbroke Gnomes

It’s officially spring! And with the lighter evenings, there is larger window of opportunity to get out there and make your garden beautiful. Here are some gardening suggestions for this month:
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1. Plant in earnest ūüôā
Now is the perfect time to visit your local garden centre. We know it’s difficult but try not to be tempted by the brightest flower displays and try to purchase plants that you like but will also work in your garden.
You need to think about the position of your plants (where is the sun throughout the day?) and the nature of your soil (without getting too scientific, the PH balance).
Likewise perennials versus annuals (we had to check this too, so here is a definition below)
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2. Despite the rain we’ve had, we suggest keeping an eye on the youngest plants in your garden. Keep them well watered and do have encouraging chats with them!
Gnome Tip; Water them at the base of the plant and not over the plant, this encourages strong root growth.
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3. If you own roses, we suggest using rose spray. Roses can easily look a little mouldy and they often need a bit of help to keep healthy.
Gnome Tip: Keep planting those banana skins at their base…
4. Mid month; we suggest feeding with some manure, or even better some chicken s**t.
5. A herb garden is always reliable and looks pretty but also so useful in the kitchen and can keep some garden 8 legged pests at bay.
In a small space, we have found that herbs work best in pots. Tried and tested for us from seed are coriander and chives, with a little love, herb pots from supermarkets can work really well.
Gnome Tip: If you grow cabbages apparently sage planted next to them will keep cabbage fly away
6. We have a walled garden, so we have planted climbing annuals, our favourite are Morning Glory. This year we are going to experiment¬†with new plants; ¬†Asarina, Black Eyed Susan, Chilean Spanish and Corbaea. We’ll keep you updated.
Gnome Tip: Whilst these are annuals, we collect the seeds in the autumn and plant the following year. 
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7. Talking of seeds, we suggest you start planting later this month…We are always generous with ours, they are not all going to germinate successfully.
Science and folklore suggest sowing after a full moon. Lunar fluctuations affect Earth’s magnetic field, and causes all water, even the tiniest organism, to move in tidal fashion. We can expect more rain, so once you’ve planted your seeds, water with lukewarm water, this assists germination.¬†
8. We don’t want to moan about our lack of lawn. We have tufts starting to come through as are some unwanted weeds. So we’ve started spraying these early with spray lawn weedkiller.¬†
9. We’re very conscience that we have talked about ‘sprays’ for killing weeds, and improving our roses. We always knew there was a reason why we had nettles in our garden, (even in W10!).
Gnome Tip: Soak any nettles in rainwater for a couple of days, then use as a spray against aphids and as an organic fertiliser. 
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“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; industry and thrift; above all, entire trust” Gertrude Jekyll”.¬†
Finally, a little inspiration and a couple of shots of our early spring garden 
Gnome Tip: Events for your diary.
Happy gardening to you all. 
Love , The Ladbroke Gnomes.
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