ONLINE Art Classes We Love


ART MASTERCLASS – Grayson Perry, one of Britain’s leading artists, brings the nation together through art, making new works and hosting masterclasses set to unleash our collective creativity during lockdown on C4.

If you follow one instagram account this week make it @charliemackesy – his work is good for your soul.

We are HUGE JENNIE MAIZEL FANS…. you should def join her #sketchbookclub and try a fun and easy art tutorial with

Noodoll have a RICEPUFFY pdf origami tutorial here.  They have heaps of fun DIY projects on their blog, they are special plush-people, who would totally appreciate your TLC.

We have tried these flower tutorials, and really enjoyed mastering the techniques.
You could install the App ‘Art Selfie’, take a selfie, and search thousands of artworks to see if any look like you.

There are free art history lessons available on the MOMA website. Enroll any time and complete the course at your own pace (see above).

I recently signed up for a 2 month free trial of SKILLSHARE. I haven’t tried many courses yet, but have had a look at what’s on offer, and really like that you can choose courses based on their duration. ie. Some are 28 mins, some 2 hours and some 4 hours. I am going to try a watercolour one with the busstopkids soon, so will report back. Checkout the many tutorials here on Skillshare. ps. quite a cheesy advert I know, but it was the best I could find that showed the range of courses!

Join The Calico Club – They run online talks and courses for Curious Minds from the world of design, interiors and gardens.

Quentin Blake is one of the many talented artists you can watch on the Isolation Art School on instagram, I absolutely love everything about this community. Take a photo of what you’ve made and send it to by the end of the day to be featured on the Instagram account.

Illustrator Michelle Evans will teach you how to watercolour on her insta account.

No list is complete with including a video tutorial on how to paint with BOB ROSS.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, please share any recommendations in the comments below, as the word of mouth method is our favourite one! Love the BusStopFamily x