Science & Natural History Videos We Love is my new favourite website. I am hooked on their ocean live cams. If you haven’t met them yet, here is a live cam from the Africam Tembe Elephant Park. I dare you not to fall hook, line and baby elephant.

LIVE ZOO STREAMS – Chester Zoo are taking you to their animals on their FB page. They have shared their wet, furry and flying family with us, and those are just the zookeepers.


HISTORY – History with Dan Snow on what is the ‘World’s Best Digital History Channel’, bringing you the stories that shaped the world. It covers everything from Ancient and Classical, Middle Ages, Early Modern, Age of Revolution, Victorian, Twentieth Century and the Information Age. Surely a brilliant addition for any home-schooler. He is also known as @thehistoryguy and hosts the hugely popular podcast @HistoryHit.

They also have great History quizzes to choose from on theirinstagram page here.

NATURAL HISTORY TV – Dont try this at home – that’s what Steve Backshall should have tattooed on his head. Especially relevant to this Deadly 60 programme when he handles a bullet ant, the nastiest insects out there.

ADVENTURES ON INSTA with Ben Fogle  – His Adventure Classes are Live on Instagram

Join narrator Tilda Swinton and CERN (above) on an epic journey through the birth and evolution of the universe. The AR app brought to you by CERN and Google Arts & Culture provides an interactive mixed-reality experience.

YOU COULD LEARN A LANGUAGE – do you want to learn Ancient Greek or how about a 3 hour learn Farsi lesson on Spotify here?

Take your pick of more language courses with many more here.

SCIENCE INTERVIEWS – People of Science is Brian Cox’s interview series where he and leading scientists discuss some of the most important figures in the history of science – The Royal Society.

SCIENCE & COMEDY – Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests. This is a website fizzing with things to enjoy. Choose from videos (see Dr Helen Czerski above), podcasts, blogs, features, events.

Above Dean Burnett briefly explains some of the more worrisome or surreal aspects of what the human brain is likely to be doing during the current pandemic.

SCIENCE LECTURES – The Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution are the best! One of our favourites is Smashing a Glass with Sound led by Dr Kevin Fong.

TED TALKS – No list is complete without including TED talks. Billed as …”where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less)”.

Above is TED talk given by Gayathri Vasudevan on ‘How the coronavirus is impacting India — and what needs to happen next’. This was recorded on 10th April 2020.