10 BOOKS THAT kids aged 10-16 will love

I feel lucky today, because two kind #busstopkids – Rex, 11 and Isis, 13 personally chose some of their favourite books to review for us. These are really worth adding to your bookshelf (or virtual KINDLE, AUDIBLE shelf) – and we really think buying them from your local bookshop would be a triple-y great idea too.

Squirm (Author, Carl Hiaasen)

Squirm is an amazing book that I’d love to read again. It is full of adventure and humour that describes the troubles and the wonders of Billy Dickens’ life in two very different parts of America. My favourite parts of the book are all the different adventures that Billy goes on. I definitely would recommend this book it to others! Words by Rex aged 11

Charlie Thorn and the Last Equation (Author, Stuart Gibbs)

Charlie Thorne is very bright 12-year-old girl. She has a brain just as smart as Albert Einstein himself. Her half-brother is an American spy in the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). He knows that Charlie is a smart girl, though has never fully trusted her. But he takes a risk and tells the Head of the CIA what his younger sister can do. The Head wants to use her skills and flies to the university that Charlie goes to (despite being 12!) because of her amazing IQ. They want her to work on a big problem: save all of humanity and find an equation written by Albert Einstein before a group of terrorists find it and destroy the world. I loved all the adventure and excitement in this book. This was my favourite book by far that I have ever read. Words by Rex

Everything Everything (Author, Nicola Yoon)

I loved this book. It tells the story of a girl called Maddy who is confined to her house as she has an underlying health issue. As a new neighbour moves in next door, her life         changes forever and takes some unexpected turns. The book is exciting and relatable, Yoon has another book called The Sun is Also a Star which is also great, though quite sad. – Words by Isis

The Outsiders (Author, S.E. Hinton)

The Outsiders is all about gangs and a boy called Ponyboy who is desperately trying to fit in with his dysfunctional gang and experiences the most terrible and the most brilliant days of his life. It’s a wonderful book that picks up on all the aspects of being a teen. I loved the suspense and reality of his story. – Words by Isis

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 ¾ (Author, Sue Townsend) 

The Diary of Adrian Mole is rather different to a normal story, even though the main character Adrian’s life is rather ordinary. He faces the problems of being a teen and having a messed up family and records it all in his diary. If you don’t like adventure books but still want an exciting experience you have to read this book! It is funny and sad and takes turns when you least expect it. – Words by Isis

4.50 from Paddington (Author, Agatha Christie)

Agatha Christie’s murder mystery novels are not for the faint hearted, but I love them. Miss Marple, one of the main detectives Christie writes about in all her books, investigates a very peculiar case. The body is unrecognisable and the murderer is still on the loose! Miss Marple and her new found accomplice are in deep over their heads with the baffling mystery of the unknown body! In this one, the murder itself isn’t too graphic but the actual book is really suspensful (which is the reason I love them so much). – Words by Isis

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Author, Stephen Chbosky)

This book is all about Charlie, a 15 year old boy who believes he won’t ever fit into high school. It’s not dissimilar to The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, in that Charlie has to face many fears as he tries to find stable ground with unusual friends. I like the personal aspect of the story and how most people can relate to one or more of Charlie’s struggles. – Words by Isis

All the Bright Places (Author, Jenifer Niven)

This book is about a boy, Finch who has a mental illness that affects the way he looks at life and a girl, Violet who tries to help Finch overcome his problem while at the same time dealing with the loss of her sister. I love the fact that such an unexpected friendship is formed, it’s the type of story that is uplifting and terribly sad at the same time. – Words by Isis

Floored (Author, Sara Barnard)

This book is unusual because each different chapter is written from a different character’s perspective and each character is written by a different author. This story is about odd friendships that form not because they want to but because they are forced to by circumstances–six strangers turn into friends over the death of one man. – Words by Isis

The Burning (Author, Laura Bates)

This is a modern book that talks about the problem of cyber bullying. It is upsetting as 15 year old Anna has to face the online nightmares and family trouble we would all hate to experience. It’s a sad yet realistic book and I love that Bates has produced such a clear message: be safe and smart online. – Words by Isis

WHOOP WHOOP Rex & Isis – thank you.

I’ve also added some other recommendations for the same age group below, and would LOVE your suggestions for books you / your kids have enjoyed in the comments below (so we can add to the list).

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The Gifted the Talented and Me by William Sutcliffe, The Martian (Young Readers Edition) Darkest Minds series One, The Maze Runner, The Book Thief, The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett, The Owl service by Alan Gardiner, The Moon by Michael Morpurgo.