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IMG_0203The Bus Stop

The Creative Bus Stop is here to share my passion for family arts & culture, design (in all forms) and travel.

I have no intention to persuade you to spend loads of cash, it’s very much the opposite. I am often surprised how few people get to know about what is going on in our museums, and other venues, and am pretty sure that it’s because you don’t have time to sift through all the websites, magazines and google searches late on a Friday night. So I’m attempting to make it easy for you.

The Thesis

I haven’t published my it yet, but I am almost 99% sure that if I did, it would be titled something like ‘Kids and Adults learn and laugh more when they are have adventures together’!

Feel free to hire me for motivational speaking, and don’t be surprised when you see me presenting a TED talk, as I know that my findings above are pretty ground breaking.


Things I Like 

The things I like, and can’t help writing about are … Museums and Workshops, Theatre, Illustration, Graphic Design, Kids, Books, Dance (especially Hip-Hop/Breakin’ Dance and Contemporary Dance), Science, STEM, Clever Apps, Well Designed Websites, Magazines, Animation, Authors, Games, Designers, Climbing, Long Walks, Nature, Collecting Sticks, Inventors, Art, Water Colour, Drawing, Kids Learning, Music, Books, Photography, London, England, Wales, Ireland, The World, Festivals and people up for an adventure.

What I Do

I love a challenge, am pretty good at networking and am used to making magical things happen when the odds are against you. My real life job is making Telly Shows and Events. I have worked on Saturday Night Entertainment, Reality Shows and Live Sport Events and a few documentaries.

Basically the larger the challenge and size of the project, the happier I am trying to keep all the balls up in the air at once.  I have worked for lots of independent TV companies such as Olga TV, TwentySix01, Shine, BBC, Endemol, Initial, Shed Media, Outline, RDF and was even hired by Simon Cowell to run a secret project for him and a few other fine people.


I am free for freelance writing, consultancy, event production, or any project that needs fixing. I have a few other blogs, but the main one that features interviews with talented people from all walks of life is called Secrets in Your Pocket. I also guest for other sites; WeekendNotes, Belissima Kids,.

PS. I work well under pressure, actually that’s definitely when I’m at my best.

Sharing is healthy

Please do tell everyone you like to sign up to emails from the blog. That way, it makes all the sleepless nights and blistered typing fingers seem all the more worth it. The site is non-profit, and a much loved hobby. I have plans to turn the hard work into a pot of gold, but have yet to meet that Angel Investor.


Email Me

Email me first please to check what time I’ll be home sian.gwilliam@me.com

Send me a message about anything you would find interesting to have on the site. I’m very keen to know what you want, and what I might have missed.

Join Me

I am interested to hear from guest bloggers, sites, reviewers, and really cute children that want to hang out at the Bus Stop with me and the gang.


Bright Sparks

I am up for collaborations and partnerships. I am open minded, and have dreams and aspirations of this project becoming a global brand, and running away with the circus. I have lots of ideas (and more), talk to me what have you got to lose ?

Lost Property

Now, about the scarf you left in Lost Property, let me just ask my colleague, and check the book… (we promise to respond within 48 hours).

My disclaimer (please always double check with the venue, things change, and I won’t be the first to know);

Although we work hard to ensure that these details are accurate please contact the venue/event organiser to confirm details if you are visiting. We will not be held responsible for inaccuracies, as the venue, and organise may need to change the information at late notice.

Consultancy, Advertising & Sponsorship

Email me and we can have a chat about your media event, event sponsorship, my web sites and social media basics. Contact : sian.gwilliam@me.com


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