Creative Little Kids : Create a Crayon Shape Painting

Here is a simple activity that will keep young and old kids entertained over the holidays, that is also mess free, and guess what, it's educational too. Create a Crayon Shape Painting Once your young child has figured out how to draw shapes, they'll want to make them all the time. Get inspired by shapes... Continue Reading →


Noodoll Need Kids aged 5-8 Who Like Goody Bags!

Noodoll are  looking for children aged 5 - 8 to test their new Ricemonster activity book! Our lovely friends over at Noodoll have been working on a new Ricemonster activity book and now we are looking for some kids to come and test some pages! On 7 & 8th July 4pm till 5.30pm they’re inviting... Continue Reading →

5 of the Best Bespoke Stationery Shops and Designers

HoneyTreePublishing The HoneyTree team are a fully fledged British success story. They have grown their personalised stationery company from their farmhouse kitchen table in Somerset. It is now a thriving small business, where the staff are a major part of the family, and each artist receives a commission when their illustration is chosen. Run by husband... Continue Reading →

Craft Project, Advent Calendars

I am totally aware that the likelihood of any of us being able to deliver this type of 'i'm-a-perfect-parent' advent calendars is similar to the challenge of trying to explain why Father Christmas keeps turning up in the middle of shopping centres smelling of cheap (craft) lager. But being the optimist I am, I hope... Continue Reading →

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