5 Reasons We Love Dreamland and Margate

There is a new kid in the fair ground world, and this one is showing off, as it’s loud, rowdy and top of the class. During our UK staycation this Summer, the kids, godmother, and their guide (me) decided to go against the flow, and ditch our invite to Lake Como* in favour of spending... Continue Reading →

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Sweet Smelling Family Fun at Somerset House this Summer

There is a rather sweet smell coming from the Somerset House major summer exhibition this year. If you fancy a sniff then make time to visit their new exhibition 'Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent', that will run between 21 June and 17 September. You will find it in the East Wing Galleries (walk around... Continue Reading →

Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine, Unicorn Theatre (Age 4+) : Bus Stop Family Review

"This is a wonderful production for young children" - Laura, Mum "It was so funny" - Tommy, 4 My husband and I attended the Unicorn Theatre's terrific production of Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine with our nine-year-old daughter and four-year-old son and were all captivated from the very start. In my son's words, "It was so funny!" The set was... Continue Reading →

5 Family Things To Do at the Tate Modern

1. BESPOKE FAMILY TOURS It goes without saying you should book onto one of the bespoke Tate Tour events I am running at My Culture Club. You can choose from family friendly private tours for under 5's, for older kids and then for everyone (1 hr in duration). I run them monthly, and the next... Continue Reading →

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5 Weekend Family Events for London Kids 

1) Imperial College Festival This festival has hands-on science experiments, music workshops, comedy, dance, cookery and more, for the whole family. Free, just turn up, 12pm, until 8 May 2) The Showstoppers' Fantastical Story, Udderbelly, Southbank (Age 6+) A team of award-winning West End improvisers explore magical kingdoms as you decide what happens next. But grown-ups... Continue Reading →

Best Bluebell Woods In and Near London

Did you know that bluebell sap was used to bind pages to the spines of books, and the Victorians used the starch from crushed bluebells to stiffen the ruffs of their collars and sleeves? Also, Bees can 'steal' nectar from bluebells by biting a hole in the bottom of the bell, reaching the nectar without pollinating the... Continue Reading →

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