A Bus Stop Review of The Snowman

We sent Bus Stop Kid Sophia and her Mama, to see The Snowman at The Peacock Theatre. They had been wanting to see the show for a few years, as the book is a family favourite. You made my wish come true - Sophia, aged 8 To add a bit of magic to their family... Continue Reading →


5 Reasons We Love Dreamland and Margate

There is a new kid in the fair ground world, and this one is showing off, as it’s loud, rowdy and top of the class. During our UK staycation this Summer, the kids, godmother, and their guide (me) decided to go against the flow, and ditch our invite to Lake Como* in favour of spending... Continue Reading →

Sweet Smelling Family Fun at Somerset House this Summer

There is a rather sweet smell coming from the Somerset House major summer exhibition this year. If you fancy a sniff then make time to visit their new exhibition 'Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent', that will run between 21 June and 17 September. You will find it in the East Wing Galleries (walk around... Continue Reading →

Why Wormtail & Winky Loved ‘Harry Potter in Concert’ at the Royal Albert Hall

(Firstly, for those of you who know who Wormtail and Winky are, you are better muggle that I). As hard as we try to wish we weren't all just plain old muggles, bobbing about our daily lives here on planet earth, sometimes it's the truth that hurts, and we have to accept that we are.... Continue Reading →

What’s On For Science Kids at the Royal Institution

Here's a round up of the SUMMER school events & Family Events coming up at the at ROYAL INSTITUTION in Mayfair. You can enjoy a wide range of morning and day workshops for kids aged 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16-18 years old. Sessions are brilliantly planned on subjects from Engineering in 3D to the mathematics of... Continue Reading →

Creative Little Kids : Create a Crayon Shape Painting

Here is a simple activity that will keep young and old kids entertained over the holidays, that is also mess free, and guess what, it's educational too. Create a Crayon Shape Painting Once your young child has figured out how to draw shapes, they'll want to make them all the time. Get inspired by shapes... Continue Reading →

Best Family Friendly Afternoon Teas in London

Best Family Friendly Afternoon Teas in London https://youtu.be/1-8LbiVjmXc So it's the simple things in life that matter right ? Well I have a feeling that at least 50% of the planet can't make a really good (builders in my case) cup of tea, so with that in mind, I'm sharing tips from the top people... Continue Reading →

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