5 Best Family October Half Term London Events

Things to Do in London


The Almeida Drama Academy for 5-14 year olds

"It’s really quite unique, you get to learn about scripts, about what really happens in drama and I think the teachers are really nice." - student, 9 The Almeida Academy is a programme of Saturday drama classes for children and young people aged 5 to 14. The courses at this Islington theatre are run by... Continue Reading →

5 Best STEM Toys for Kids

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM toys encourage kids to learn more about these different subjects by applying each to the real world. They make education exciting for kids and help to develop key skills. If you're keen to know more about STEM and its place in the classroom, take a look here at... Continue Reading →

5 Best Kids Books That Have All the Answers (almost!)

1.What Happened When in the World (DK) This is a history book with 60 stunning, specially commissioned historical maps which chart the migration of humans, the spread of the black death, D-day landings and much more. Follow the devastating spread of the black death through Europe, the Roman Empire's expansion to North Africa and the Middle... Continue Reading →

A Guide for Keeping Kids Safe Online


Last week was ‘Safer Internet Day’, and The Guardian published these stats from the UK Safer Internet Centre. “According to the Safe Internet Centre report, 26% of British 11-16 year-olds use six or more social networks and messaging apps every week. The most popular individual services are YouTube and Facebook, used by 78% and 74% of this age group respectively. They’re followed by Snapchat (46%), Instagram (43%), Twitter and WhatsApp (both 37%) and Skype and Minecraft (both 32% – the latter game presumably included because children can play it together online).” 

So on the basis that kids grow (like beautiful, well mannered weeds who eat all their dinner) up very quickly, and ours will all be planning their 13th birthdays at Westfield before we can say “Thanks for doing the washing up again Jemima” I have put together a simplistic list of tips to help us through these exciting times;

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Watch and Learn How To Build An Igloo

"...like all good architects they build houses from the materials around them..." This is a charming video recently re-uploaded by the National Board of Canada. The films were from a series titled Arctic Notebook 1, produced in 1949, and narrated by Doug Wilkinson. I'll put a £5 bet down that the next C5 reality TV show is... Continue Reading →

Watch and Learn This Body Move

The Human Body is an App ($3.99 : Age 4+) made by the Designers at Tinybop. They create elegant, educational iOS apps to spark the curiosity of kids around the world today. Within the apps, kids play and learn by diving into big ideas, seeing how things work, and making connections about the world they live... Continue Reading →

Elegant Events Not To Miss at Somerset House

1. Free Exhibition : Beard You might have seen one or more of the portraits from this exhibition already, as the one of charity campaigner Jimmy Niggles above went viral last year. The photographer Mr Elbank started The #Project60 after meeting Jimmy in Sydney, who was campaigning to raise awareness for skin cancer, after losing a close... Continue Reading →

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