A Bus Stop Review of The Snowman

We sent Bus Stop Kid Sophia and her Mama, to see The Snowman at The Peacock Theatre. They had been wanting to see the show for a few years, as the book is a family favourite. You made my wish come true - Sophia, aged 8 To add a bit of magic to their family... Continue Reading →


Best Drama & Art Summer Camps in London

Do you want to win a Tony Award, RA scholarship, or would you prefer a BAFTA? These are the questions you should be asking at tea time, if you have found that you are now managing the career of your mini-award winning actor or artist As I know time is money, and I want to... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ at the Unicorn (6-12yrs)

When the #busstopkids and I were invited to review this show at the Unicorn last weekend, I had to do a some research on what happened to Jason in this particular Greek Myth, incase the kids asked me any questions! (I never reached the classics department at school, too busy in the drama studio!) The... Continue Reading →

The Almeida Drama Academy for 5-14 year olds

"It’s really quite unique, you get to learn about scripts, about what really happens in drama and I think the teachers are really nice." - student, 9 The Almeida Academy is a programme of Saturday drama classes for children and young people aged 5 to 14. The courses at this Islington theatre are run by... Continue Reading →

Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine, Unicorn Theatre (Age 4+) : Bus Stop Family Review

"This is a wonderful production for young children" - Laura, Mum "It was so funny" - Tommy, 4 My husband and I attended the Unicorn Theatre's terrific production of Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine with our nine-year-old daughter and four-year-old son and were all captivated from the very start. In my son's words, "It was so funny!" The set was... Continue Reading →

ZooNation ‘Into The Hoods Remixed’ : Bus Stop Kids Review

https://youtu.be/4nxnJp-5mNo I am Sofia and I a nearly 8 years old. I went to watch Into The Hoods with my mum on Friday night. It was really good and I have never seen dancing like that. It looked like slow motion when they were jumping. My favourite character was a boy called Jaxx. He could... Continue Reading →

5 Weekend Family Events for London Kids 

1) Imperial College Festival This festival has hands-on science experiments, music workshops, comedy, dance, cookery and more, for the whole family. Free, just turn up, 12pm, until 8 May 2) The Showstoppers' Fantastical Story, Udderbelly, Southbank (Age 6+) A team of award-winning West End improvisers explore magical kingdoms as you decide what happens next. But grown-ups... Continue Reading →

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